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Scribble outside the lines…

Clean lunch boxes. Freshly covered books. Neat new uniforms. Bright September mornings. These were always dampened by the notion of colouring between the lines. Looking back on my school life, primary education especially, I always remember being told to colour in between the lines. It frustrated me entirely. I talk about constraints and restrictions on a daily basis in my teaching and the sheer amount of rules we conform to. If we are taught to draw within the lines from as young as four or sometimes earlier, we are immediately driving the creativity barriers sky high. How can we attempt to access our creative triggers if we are electrocuted by boundaries?

As Autumn sets in Poppin Productions are delighted to introduce a catalogue of new and developed programmes for schools, businesses and personal development. Let us spark your imagination and reignite your creativity.

Featured Courses for 2017-18

Our new course ‘Don’t Think, Play!‘ is especially developed for educators. It aims to train teachers a series of exercises designed to develop a more creative and more holistic teaching environment. In an ever accepting world where diversity is expanding, it is important to adapt a totally inclusive approach to education. This course provides an accessible approach to understanding the creative mindset and how it functions.

Our filmmaking course for senior level secondary students has had a complete make-over. ‘Let’s Create a Movie‘ has been refined to include more promotional components. The workshop graduates from idea generation to final cut and now to screening. Poppin Productions are excited to present a new platform for produced film work. With this new incentive we aim to host the “Creative Film Awards” an independently adjudicated short-movie competition with an array of Oscar-style categories to win.

Let’s Create‘ our flagship summer workshop has been adapted to a classroom workshop. Devised to be transferable for all ages, ‘Let’s Create’ provides the complete creative detox to re-energise your imagination.

Finally our ‘Online and Offline Media Marketing‘ workshop has been revised to include the latest media trends while retaining the important brand identity component loved by our clients. This workshop is delivered to businesses internally as well as an exciting workshop for senior level secondary school students.

Check out our 2017-18 guide below outlining the full catalogue of courses now available. To make a booking contact us today:


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