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Working on stage for the first time can be daunting and is potentially dangerous. Having an understanding about protocol and on-stage etiquette is essential to a safe theatre experience. While learning about such health and safety policies and procedures, students will also learn about stage management, and risks assessment.

Theatre production engages an array of multiple disciplines and practices including creative, administrative and technological, this introduction will outline the potential roles and avenues that a student could pursue while also giving an appreciation to the scale of team commitment required in this challenging industry.


The second aspect of this workshop will enable students to put into practice their taught skills about stagecraft through an introduction to drama and performance. There are many different facets to drama. This introduction will look at a layered technique. From an actors perspective students will learn about:

  • Character portrayal
    • Demeanour and characteristics
    • Relationships, interaction with other characters
    • The influence of scenarios
  • Plot and Subplots – breakdown of events:
    • Narrative
    • Physical
    • Emotional
  • Context
    • Applying characters and plots to context, applying cultural context


This course is aimed at senior level second level students, youth organisations and societies. However this course can be adapted to suit senior primary level students also.

This introductory course takes place over 6 hours.

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