Let’s Create – A Creative Success

Poppin Productions closed the door to another creatively successful summer camp in Thurles last week. Imaginations were certainly explored and worlds were wonderfully created by the very talented young children that took part.

While Let’s Create only spans over one short week, it is amazing to see the expansive amount of work produced by such young boys and girls. Moreover we have always believed that this is the main reason why such an amount is created – unlike we, as adults, children have a capacity to do things without over thinking, being fearful of the results or being restrictive in processing. This processing allows us to create more and more. While not every idea is golden, the chances of finding the best idea are much higher as there are more to choose from.

This brings me to an idea we really push and that is the process. In allowing children to explore their ideas through facilitation rather than regurgitation, we can see much greater amounts of organic work produced by the children. Giving them the tools to articulate their ideas is solely the role of our tutors.

Our role as tutors is always to facilitate the children.

The ideas that are put forward by the children really solidify the theory of group compound memory. That is; a formed collection of experiences and memories with that of others to create new ideas. This highlights the extreme awareness children have of societal ways, our current affairs and the ever-recurring cotton candy clouds in candy land. Probably more noteworthy are the concepts they explored in their home and school lives. The theme of bullying was omnipresent throughout all age groups – resolutions always had a happy ending – in reality we know this is easier said than done BUT their journey to those resolutions were explored in their song writing, acting, dance and art similarly with every theme they themselves initiated and this is where they reaped the benefits of their learning.

The proactive and fast nature of Let’s Create allows children to be incredibly productive. It is devised so that children are consistently working their minds in many different ways ensuring minimal idleness and optimum focus.

We have very few rules at Let’s Create to ensure there are no restriction in the way of the creative process. But the key rule that we believe covers all areas is to Listen & Respect. If we are listening to each other, then we are subsequently respecting one another and when we do this everything else falls into place. We are surrounded by distractions, mobiles and devices being the primary culprit. If we are listening to each other with full focus then we can be more engaged with what’s happening around us and consequentially able to share in the creation of new ideas or in the support of those you’re engaging with. While parents are tremendously pressured by other children having these devices, it is important that you stand your ground – technology is great for sharing ideas but it is no good at creating them!


While concepts and themes are a very important element in the Let’s Create  framework, our main goal is to provide a totally inclusive environment for every child where each child has an opportunity to share their views and equally respect the views of their peers.  In this approach we strive to instil a new found confidence to each child yet within the parameters of a team. Providing a clear understanding of team playing and it’s importance in the idea generation and making process alike is a fundamental part of Let’s Create.

At that, I would like to thank the children and their families and friends for entrusting the Let’s Create team. We hope they had an enjoyable and creative experience.




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Eamonn B. Shanahan

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