Let’s Create – A Creative Success

Worlds were created and imaginations were explored in what was an exciting two weeks at our 2017 ‘Let’s Create’ summer camps. It was amazing to see such positive energy and incredible, well informed ideas generated from the big minds of such little people.

The ‘Let’s Create’ summer camp encourages friendships, collaboration, listening, communication, sharing, failure and most of all creative freedom and expression. To see each child embrace each lesson and generate so many exciting ideas is testament to the evolving education structure in primary education. Furthermore it echoes the importance of the development of the holistic education approach which subsequently lends itself to a more totally inclusive classroom.

We believe that every child has a voice and while each individual child may not have the ability to articulate this through words, it is possible to share their views in other ways. Showing them how to do this is a small ignition that can boost their confidence to become happier, stronger children!

We are thrilled with the creative success of ‘Let’s Create’ this summer but are even more proud of the journey the children embarked upon in the development of their creative identity.


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