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Filmmaking has become a very accessible form of storytelling, fictional or otherwise. Using this language tool it has never been easier to share our views or creativity. Furthermore with advancements in technology we have the opportunity to explore filmmaking without the high cost of commercial production.

Poppin Productions delivers specially designed, practical and fun filmmaking workshops for transition year and senior level students. These workshops include screenwriting, acting, directing and production skills (camera, lighting, sound, etc.). While we will teach the tools of filmmaking, we put particular emphasis on the concept, generating and developing ideas and stories at the healm. At the end of the programme each participant will receive a certificate and a digital copy of their very own movie.


By completing this programme each participating school will have the opportunity to compete in our regional short film festival ’Creative Film Awards’ hosted in May. Awards include: BEST PICTURE, BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY, BEST SCREENPLAY, BEST EDITING, BEST DRAMA, BEST COMEDY, and BEST DOCUMENTARY.

Films will be independently adjudicated by our panel of industry professionals. Entry to the ‘Creative Film Awards’ without availing of our filmmaking courses costs €250.00. For this fee you may submit one short film to the festival.

All entries to the ‘Creative Film Awards’ must provide:

  • One 10-15minute short film
  • Treatment Submission
  • Press Pack which may include one still from the short, film poster and a 1 minute trailer


Cinema theory, appreciation and history

Understanding a basic understanding of movie theory is crucial. Finding influences from critically acclaimed practitioners feed both our creative and technical practice. We also introduce technical theory discovering camera angles and movement, lighting and sound

Production roles

We will discover all the roles within a production company from producer, technical and creative.

Idea generation and development

Discovering the right idea is fundamental to any successful story. We will look at many different exercises to generate and develop ideas.


A treatment acts as a proposal for funding bodies, programmers and creative collaborators.

The plot and subplots

A story is made up of main plot and subsequent subplots.

Exploring characters

Characters traditionally drive the story. We will look character variations, playing with contrasting characteristics and relationship dynamics

Designing environments

We will explore how putting characters into different environments and contexts will change the story development and its effect on the audience’s experience.

Script Writing 

We will introduce and practice the basic structure of script writing for camera.


We will look at the role of the director and the process of directing a camera


We will discover the artistry of acting for the camera. The actor is an important bridge between the writing and the audience. They interpret the writing, the character and the context in their performance.


A storyboard is set out to ensure the shoot goes smoothly and efficiently. Creatively it explores the potential direction and evolution of the story before using a camera, cutting down on as much shooting time as possible.

Shooting scripts.

A shoot script is devised together by the director of photography and the director. With aid from the shooting script it sets in stone the plan for the shoot. The shooting script becomes the manual for the shoot for the production team and the artists.


Established roles will take their places as the shoot of the devised script is carried out.


The edit takes place in post-production however must be considered before the shoot takes place. Here you can create magic. It is the one key separators between live and recorded performance. We will explore manipulation , effects and colour.

Sound score and scape

Before the final export, a sound mixing will be created and then edited to the film

Trailer Editing

How to creating a trailer to promote your film; selecting the best part of your movie without giving too much away!

Press Package

A press package varies in content but we will look at the generic standard requirements including, featured frames, official poster(s), press releases and long and short synopsis.

Online Media Presence

Creating a brand to establish an online media presence for you movie on platforms such as facebook, twitter and instagram.

Register your interest today:

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Email: info@poppinproductions.com

Creative Film Awards - 2018 Student Film Festival

Welles Package

8003 Day Course
  • 1 Film Entry to CFAs
  • 2 Free Film Festival Tickets
  • 24 Students
  • 1 Facilitator

Chaplin Package

12505 Day Course
  • 2 Film Entries to CFAs
  • 4 Free Film Festival Tickets
  • 24 Students
  • 2 Facilitators

Film Festival Entry Only

250Festival Entry Only
  • 1 Film Entry to CFAs

Entry to the Creative Film Awards includes:

  • Screening of your school’s short film in our festival
  • Featured listing in our festival programme
  • Opportunity to win awards including: ‘Best Picture’, ‘Best Cinematography’, ‘Best Screenplay’, ‘Best Editing’, ‘Best Drama’, ‘Best Comedy’ and ‘Best Documentary’. Entries are independently adjudicated by industry professionals.
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