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Let's Create A Story

Poppin Productions are excited to present their new course specially designed for teachers. Let’s Create A Story will bring educators on a journey towards playful thinking. It allows participants to break down the confines of the analytic and structured thought processing through creative storymaking.

About this workshop:
This workshop looks at a basic introduction to story making. We begin with an understanding of the science behind creative thought with reference to simple neurology and psychology from contemporary theorists/creative and early researchers. Through engaging exercises participants will learn practical approaches to access their creativity and subsequently an introduction to creative story making.

Why is this suitable for educators?
In learning about how to reactivate your own creative mindset, educators will gather tools to deliver to their students while also gaining an insight to the impact of a positive attitude in the workplace.

Why is this suitable for business?
Creating new ideas to keep your product/service ignited is fundamental to the success of your enterprise. In fueling your imagination, the taught exercises will provide you with an objective view to your business planning. This workshop will also highlight the importance of creativity in growing industry.

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This course is delivered as a facilitated workshop in 2 hour and 4 hour options.

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