No energy to create?

Welcome to #TopTipTuesday! Poppin Productions aim to bring you a top creative tip every Tuesday right here, on our blog. This week we bring you a top tip about energy. Do you find that you have no energy to create?

It is difficult to find the mental headspace when you have no energy to create.


It’s something that we all experience. You reach a point of capacity when you are pushing until you can push no more. At the levels of sheer exhaustion it is difficult to say ‘I’m going to stop everything and be a little creative with my time for a minute’, when in reality, all you want to do is stay in bed and binge on Netflix.

Having just experienced this, with a little willpower and self motivation, I left the imprisonment of my own self by simply moving to different space. Testament to the success of this move, I’ve since finished a painting and have started another.

There comes a time, especially for those who are ‘busy’ all the time (we are all guilty of the word), when you have to find that fresh place. The difficult part can genuinely be just making that first layer, painting the first brush stroke or penning the first word.

If you find you’re in this place right now. Stop. Drop your phone, close the lid of your laptop. Move to a different room. Take a breath. Get a piece of paper, a napkin, your hand and blot it with ink. It doesn’t matter what, just take a few minutes to pause and scribble.

I started this blog post with the title of New Thoughts on Creativity. Then realised just how difficult it has been to access my personal creativity over the past few weeks simply due to fatigue and stress. Allowing space for your mind is important. I am incredibly guilty of not doing this. Sometimes a gentle reminder is needed.

Randomly question yourself: What is happening right now? and subsequently: Am I happy or at least enjoying the activity?

Always remember the potential happiness that we lose sight of. Enjoy the little pieces of happy that come in the daily things we do. Channel them into something creative and make the time to stop and take things in.

Remember to #MakeYourWorldCreative

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