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Creative Entrepreneurship

As we enter a world of paperless marketing, businesses of all sizes are beginning to embrace the increasingly more accessible online media.

Of the 2.2 million, 64% of Irish Facebook users alone log into their account on a daily basis. Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and  LinkedIn continue to compete and are subsequently making their mark in the virtual social world.

In creating a successful strategy it is necessary that businesses create a brand identity. Your brand is identifiable through your image and your language.  You must establish a voice, a cause that potential customers will engage and respond to. This is how you keep your media campaign alive and consequently achieving what is known as organic marketing – an audience following that does not require the cost of paid endorsement on social sites.

What you will learn through this course:

  • The how-to guide for social platforms
  • Introduction to creating your own graphics, relieving the recurring payments to designers
  • Developing a voice through image and language
  • Your website as a catalogue and company diary
  • Establishing an integrating online marketing model
  • Creating diverse campaigns
  • Assessing the market and analysing your campaigns and social strategy

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This course is delivered in the form of individual business consultation and as a facilitated course.

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