Struggling to find ideas?

‘I’m struggling to create a new idea.’

Playfulness. Whether you are in a business trying to develop a new service or product, a teacher in the classroom trying to find a new way of delivering your lesson plan or in the rehearsal room trying to explore a different way of visualising text – allow some time to be playful.

How can I be playful?

Being playful can be the easiest and most difficult thing for people to do. You need to begin by being accepting and willing. Open to involvement, collaboration, success and failure.

BREAK out of your comfort zone. We tend to have an unconscious process that can sometimes become very concrete. We are creatures of habit after all. It’s time to bring back some fluidity. This can be achieved in a number of ways and there is definitely no one way about doing it.

An exercise…

By questioning what’s missing and or identifying what’s not working and then posing ‘what if…’ scenarios.

Use a big sheet and jot or sketch all you know about everything, leave and come back to assess what’s now in front of you. Maybe bring in a third party who knows you, your service or your script well and someone who doesn’t know you as much. Ask them to identify links, opportunities and clear observations they witness at first glance. Play with ‘what if’. Match unusual combinations of skills and resources to try and achieve new objectives and outcomes.

In achieving successful playfulness you must let go and be open to possibility.

Plenty more on playfulness to come!

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