September 2017

Back to School

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Scribble outside the lines... It's back to school time and we have devised new and developed creativity driven courses for schools, businesses and personal development ...

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February 2017

Life Drawing

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Memories of life drawing class reflect a dark, hot room with enough peering light to reveal specific areas of the subject and the feeling of exhausted hands after long hours of various length studies. Life drawing is a skill that can only be mastered through practice. Getting the information down, highlighting darkness and realising form through broad [...]

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January 2017

Make your 2017 Creative

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Make your 2017 creative with Poppin Productions... Throughout 2017 we will be facilitating workshops in Photography, Painting, Filmmaking, Creative Entrepreneurship and more for you or your business! If you would like to participate in a workshop, register your interest online at: Wishing you all a magical New Year from all at Poppin Productions! [...]

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